Communication with the Development Team


One of the first products to come out of Ever Africa was Litter Wars, an endless runner IOS game where the hero has to chase down the Litterbug while collecting the litter it drops. The more litter you collect the more lives and powers you get.

The idea was to create a social impact game that was fun, looked good and subtly influenced the players to pick up litter in the real world. This was our first game, we loved the idea and we were excited to get it out the door.

We briefed our development team and, since we were working on other projects at the time, left them to run with the development. Once development started we stepped back.

Our mistake was not to communicate to them exactly what we wanted the game to look like, and who the intended target market was. The plan was to create a children’s game with bright colours and rainbows. The game we got was designed and developed for young adults.

The gameplay is great and was exactly what we were looking for. The graphics were way off.

lw_01 lw_02

Problems like this are easily avoided. All it takes is clear communication and quick catch-up sessions at the beginning of the development process. Once there is confidence that everyone is 100% on the same page it should usually be okay give the development team freedom to run with the project independently. If they are any good then they should be happy working autonomously.

Any miscommunication at the beginning of the development stage will however magnify and could result in a final product that is very different from what was intended.

by Craig Rivett

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    Craig holds a Masters degree in Economics from UCT. This ambitious young man worked previously as an economist, consulting primarily in healthcare and competition economics industries. In April 2013, Craig became the first employee, later becoming a fully-fledged partner in Ever Africa. He joined Ever Africa to focus on entrepreneurship, business development and changing the world through technology. Ever Africa has steadily grown, with investments and operations spanning the telecoms, media and technology sector. The projects embarked on by Ever Africa include the development of Ever Egg, Litter Wars, Tribage, Juju Fire, Donnder and StellieSafe. He’s changing the world, one app at a time.

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