Started by Sibella and Alan Knott-Craig Jr in 2013, Ever Africa is an innovative company making money while helping people in Africa.

Tribage (Tribal Game Engineering) was the first business: developing mobile apps that help children learning by being entertained.

Craig Rivett joined Ever Africa in April 2013, first as an employee, later becoming a partner. James Devine left the safety of his job at iBurst and the hustle of Joburg and joined Ever Africa as CTO. COO Zahir Khan joined in August 2013.

Alan, James and Zahir quickly found themselves working full-time on Project Isizwe, making a difference through the hugely successful non-profit in partnership with the Tshwane municipality. Project Isizwe is responsible for deploying the largest Free Public WiFi network in Africa, connecting 2.9 million people from low-income communities to the internet.

Sibella and Craig ran Ever Africa, growing Tribage and building Happimo.

Van Zyl (VZ) Botha – the calm hand-on-the-till coffee appreciation expert – joined as CFO in September 2013.

The core team solidified as Crone de Villiers – owner of The Castle and founder of Bronberg WISP in Tshwane – came onboard at the end of 2013.

Ever Africa has grown steadily with investments and operations across the telecommunications, media and ICT industries. With more than 200 employee within the group, Ever Africa remains committed to:

  • Making money
  • Growing and helping people
  • Putting family first